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Suren Cooke Agencies (Pvt) Ltd.

For your immediate attention, Call 011-2688203 / 011-2686020

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Suren Cooke Agencies is a pioneer in the pest management industry that offers a wide array of services to control harmful pests in any environment. Our service portfolio manages pests effectively to improve quality of life, using safe and distinctive methods without unapt harm to environment or society.

Operating in Sri Lanka as well as enjoying an international presence in Maldives, Suren Cooke Agencies has been in the industry for over two decades. We are renowned as a source of reliance, due to continuous commitment in adhering to occupational health and safety standards.

Our belief in principles of integrity, perseverance and professionalism has helped us to establish market leadership while introducing novel and innovative pest control methods.

We are also distinguished in the industry for maintaining an esteemed reputation in representing some of the leading pest products and pest controlling equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, our extensively trained and accredited team of professionals are profoundly dedicated to assist clientele with their vast knowledge, expertise in technology and inventive methods acquired through experience to control pests.

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