Corporate responsibility has been a core practice of Suren Cooke Agencies since its inception. We are committed to being an active corporate citizen by engaging in various projects to ensure the community is taken care of.

Suren Cooke Agencies strives for sustainability in all areas by building and ensuring environmental excellence, and practicing social responsibility with all our stakeholders, simultaneously minimizing the negative impact on global environment. Following are some projects undertaken by us:

Disinfection – Supply of equipment and training to Anti Malaria and Dengue control officials in the Ministry Of Health for the aftermath of Tsunami 2004.

Eradication – Partnering with Ministry of Health for Dengue Control Programs to eradicate dengue mosquitoes in educational institutions such as Universities and leading schools in the Western Province by treating breeding sites.
Partnering with MTV News 1st to eradicate dengue mosquitoes in Kinniya region.

Recycling – Recycle the in-house plastic produce and other reusable components in order to reduce the consumption of resources. In addition, generate new products through recycling such as tamper proof rodent bait stations.

Equal Opportunity Employment – Promoting workforce diversity and offering employment opportunities free from discrimination of all kinds.