Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices throughout our organisation remains one of our key priorities for our present and future initiatives, programs and products.

Suren Cooke Agencies strives for sustainability in all areas by building and ensuring environmental excellence, and practicing social responsibility with all our stakeholders, simultaneously minimizing the negative impact on global environment. Following are some projects undertaken by us:

1) Our Tamper-resistant SureKill Rodent Bait Stations are produced using post-consumer recycled plastic (used plastic) as the raw material. We indulge in this practice to keep plastic waste from polluting our environment and damaging our fragile ecosystems. To aid similar projects we have implemented our Earthly Warrior programme to support like-minded individuals and businesses that aim to reduce the level of environmental impact that man-made products have on the environment.

2) We have moved away from using oil-based fogging techniques that require either diesel or kerosene, which are fossil fuels that emit harmful greenhouse gases back into the environment and have carcinogenic effects and contribute to other health-related issues. Instead we use water-based fogging which is a safer and more effective form of fogging.

3) We utilize Termite Baits and Gel Baits that are specific to the targeted pest (termites). This ensures that other non-target animals or insects are not harmed, which is beneficial to the ecosystem.

4) All products that we use consist of less toxic chemicals which are more refined than other chemicals that are generally used for similar products or procedures. This is to ensure that all our services and products are safe and will not damage or impact the environment and ecosystems in a harmful manner.

5) Keeping in line with our sustainability goals, our aim for the future is to move completely away from utilising fossil fuels for our vehicles and to switch over to using electric vehicles only. This will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

6) Empty containers that have fulfilled their use are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. This reduces the risk of the containers reaching waterways and people homes thus reducing the risk of contamination and reducing our impact on polluting the environment.

7) Our specialised treatment techniques rely mainly on assessment-based treatment. This ensures that we treat only the affected areas instead of applying chemicals over a larger area (without a proper plan). This reduces our environmental impact and minimises the impact on fragile ecosystems as we do not unnecessarily waste chemicals in areas unaffected by pests.

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