The unpleasant house guest


The unpleasant house guest

Control of Cockroaches

Treatment foreliminating cockroaches begins with the identification of their genus, as each kind has varying breeding and behavioural patterns. Commonly, in Sri Lanka there are known to be two main varieties: the American and German Cockroaches. The former is large and dark brown in colour and 4-5 cm in length, while, the latter is small and light brown in colour, and 1-2cm in length. Given this understanding we carry out a detailed inspection of the residence to assess the most suitable treatment.

The method targets the particular genre of roaches depending on their food preferences. It’s effective in achieving long term treatment and mitigation. Systematic placements of the baits ensure that the roaches consume them; this leads to the spreading of the bait to the source of their hideout.

At Suren Cooke, we use gel baits which are used and renowned, the world over.

By spraying residual insecticide to all places which are common locations of infestation, we can achieve an effective outcome. The solution is scattered targeting these spots while creating a chemical shield which immediately eliminates the roaches.

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