Create a hygienic environment in your hospital and clinic


Create a hygienic environment in your hospital and clinic

Hospitals provide an ideal set-up for pests to breed and thrive in, given waste accumulation and food preparation within premises. This attracts rodents such as rats and pests such as cockroaches, flies and ants to the premises. In places providing healthcare services the presence of such pests can pose a major health and safety risk.

For medical professionals a hygienic environment is an absolute necessity for proper conducting of treatments and for preventing healthcare associated infections (HCAI).

As a pest control expert, we know first-hand the importance of maintaining a sterile and pest-free facility to minimize the risks associated with cross contamination which could lead to HCAI, and adversely affect patient treatment.

Ensure that your facilities are free from pests and pathogens through our expert solutions. Our treatment techniques are formed to ensure that your hospital or clinic is sterile and hygienic; while conforming to the highest health and safety regulations.

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