The poisonous creepers


The poisonous creepers

Control of Snakes

These slithery reptiles are known to be both venomous and non-venomous in their classifications. They are usually controlled with a proactive approach, where entry to the premises is inhibited by getting rid of their nesting holes and by sealing all points of entry to the property.

Treatment For Snakes

We are the only pest management company in Sri Lanka, providing a solution for controlling this deadly reptile. The treatment is essentially, a unique concoction of ingredients which repel snakes. It is also biodegradable and does not damage plants, flowers, lawns and gardens. Nevertheless, the substance only acts as a snake repellent and does not kill the creatures.

Using this blended powder, our professional and expert team of agents will carry out the treatment for controlling the snakes. This is usually scattered on walls, property boundary lines which makes it difficult for snakes to access the premise.

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