The germ spreader


The germ spreader

SureKill Electronic Fly Killers

Product Brief:

SureKill Fly Killer range uses unique technology or glue boards to capture and kill flying insects.

These fly killers are suitable for a range of internal environments and a wide variety of businesses with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Each SureKill unit has a unique feature, but all fly killers are designed to be hygienic and to meet all legal and health and safety requirements.

SureKill GP 14, glue board machines use UV light to attract. Yet, the flies are trapped using the glue board in which the flies stick. This more discrete and recommend for use in Food Production Areas, Kitchens, Restaurants, Hotels.

The selection of an appropriate electronic fly killer machine would depend majorly upon the location in which the machine would be placed. Consequently, the size and design would be determined based on the location. Suren Cooke Agencies- have a range of electronic fly killer machines suitable for any location and latest UV-A detection light meters to check the effectiveness of the UV bulb and ideal location for the units to be installed.

SureKill Fly Killer units use PHILIPS UV-A Lamps® and PHILLIPS components which perfectly match the house fly’s vision spectrum, this guarantees you catch more flies more quickly.

PHILIPS Long-life UV-A Lamps® need only be changed every two years and deliver nearly twice as much UV-A light as the nearest competitor - and last twice as long!

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