The marching menace


The marching menace

Control of Ants

Ants can enter your home through the tiniest of cracks and accumulate up to 500,000 within a colony. Ants are the most industrious pests to invade your homes.

Treatment Method

Suren Cooke Agencies have varying treatment types to eradicate any nuisance ants in your premises.

We use world renowned gel baits, which works by targeting a particular type of ants based on their food preferences. The baits are ingeniously placed to lure ants, in order to reach the source.

A safe treatment option which is highly effective and it is also safe around humans. A key advantage of this method is that it will not stain the walls or flooring. The treatment targets ants by spraying a residual insecticide at targeted spots, creating a chemical barrier, which defecate the ants immediately.

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