Bug Facts

Pests are any living organisms that are considered harmful or detrimental to humans or their activities.

  • Spread of diseases, by carrying pathogens responsible for human and animal diseases.
  • Frequent causes of stress and allergens by their presence in the human environment.
  • Direct damage to property, such as when rats gnaw through electric cable or termites that cause structural damages.
  • Indirect damage to property, such as contamination of working surfaces and food.
  • Financial loss to businesses can occur when the presence of flying insects can deter customers from buying food in a shop or restaurant.

Accordingly, pest controlling is essential for human beings to lead a life free of harmful pests. So, pest management service providers have taken the initiative to help customers stay free of pest concerns. Moreover, The Pest Control industry in Sri Lanka has seen an unprecedented growth in recent years due to several contributing factors.

Climate factors such as temperature, rainfall and humidity are one such contributing factor that has strongly influenced the ecology, development and behavior as well as the transmission dynamics of insects. Therefore, it is imperative that those engaged in pest management, recognize the pests to be controlled, a clear understanding of their environment and habits, and the ability to choose proper and safe methods of pesticide application.

There is also a growing concern by the public for control of pests as a result of rapid industrialization and urbanization.

The educated public tends to be more perturbed about the environment around them by considering the increasing health issues. Thus, a rising demand for pest control is created in the industry.

Consequently, Suren Cooke Agencies is established as a pioneer in the Pest Management industry with over two decades of trusted service and adequately equipped to promote pest control assistance to their customers.

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