The uninvited guests


The uninvited guests

SureKill Lizard/Gecko Repellent

Product Brief:

SureKill Gecko Repellent is a specially formulated product that effectively drives house lizards (geckos) away from their favorite feeding and hiding areas; e.g walls and ceilings. Repellent is a non-toxic which is easy to use. It is available for purchase in ready-to–use bottles

Method Of Application:

SureKill Lizard/Gecko Repellent can be applied using a paint brush or a compression sprayer and it is advisable to use a fan nozzle when using a compression sprayer. Shake the contents well before application. Then, apply a broad strip of about 20 cms on specified areas.

The repellent should be applied on the perimeter of walls, perimeter of windows, perimeter of doors, wall to wall angles, wall to ceiling angles, wall to floor angles, behind cabinets, behind refrigerators, behind wall hangers, behind clocks and behind calendars in the interior premises. It should be specifically applied on areas surrounding wall lights, around cracks or fixtures on walls, ventilation holes, window and door grills and behind rain water gutters in the exterior premises of the property.

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