The sneaky destroyer


The sneaky destroyer

Control of Rodents

Rodents are from the genus, rodentia and are commonly found across Sri Lanka. They can be found in urban and rural habitats. They have a higher capacity to adapt to their surroundings. The mostly commonly seen rodent in Sri Lanka, which is also the most harmful to humans, isthe Black rat or Brown rat.

Rodents dwell in large flocks and have the tenacity to breed faster under favourable conditions. This is a cause for concern as an infestation in your home could become uncontrollable.

These are traps which are scented and come with a sticky substance. They are placed in locations with frequent rodent activity. In order to avoid non target pests or pets from being trapped, we use SureKill Weather Proof Bait Stations.

Used outdoors, the method of baiting is the use of poison to lure rodents into the trap. The rodenticide bait is securely placed in tamper proof rodent bait stations, which helps keep the bait fresh and prevents non-target pests from consuming the rodenticide bait.

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