Scientific Name: Rodentia


Rodents belong to the order of mammals and they are much diversified. Rodents have full bodies, short limbs and long tails. They also possess sharp incisors to gnaw at food. They are also fast breeders. Their body plan is structured to squeeze through even tiny holes.

They are categorized as arboreal, fossorial and semi aquatic according to their choice of habitats. Furthermore, Rodents can be found in a variety of terrestrial habitats including man-made establishments. Most common rodents include mice, rats, squirrel, porcupines, beavers and guinea pigs. Rodents are identified to be social animals that live in societies.

Rodents are considered as a severe species of pests as they transmit serious diseases to humans. They also act as host or a carrier for many pathogens like fleas or ticks. Rodents also cause severe damage by chewing various items like paper and clothes available around any property. Several types of rodents are also considered destructive in agricultural communities as they feed on grain and seeds.

Rodents can be repelled from any environment if it is maintained to be clean. However, if rodent infestations spread, rodent traps or baiting methods can be used to control them.

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