Scientific Name: Diptera


Flies are a group of insects that possess a pair of flight wings. There are approximately 240,000 species of flies. Few common species of flies are blow flies, drain flies, fruit flies and house flies - Flies are typically formed to move in air which has resulted in a light, short and streamlined body structure. They have a mobile head and large compound eyes that are very noticeable. Their antenna is quite short. As they have no teeth or any other organ the permits them to eat solid food.

Mostly flies develop in garbage, manure, compost piles or other animal materials while some flies such as fruit flies or drain flies can also breed inside the house. They feed mostly on liquid foods. During feeding, flies also defecate on the food. As a result flies are commonly known for transmitting severe health risks by spreading disease organisms.

Controlling of flies involve sanitation or removal of breeding sites. Insecticides can also be used to avoid infestation of flies in a property. However, it is difficult to provide a long term solution to control flies as they are seasonal insects.

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