Suren Cooke Agencies aims at ‘Creating Safe Work Environments’ with Riken Keiki

March 17, 2015
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January 31, 2014
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July 16, 2015

PIONEERS in pest management, Suren Cooke Agencies recently tied up with Japan based Riken Keiki, the world renowned manufacturer of combustible gas detection equipment to promote, distribute and calibrate their products here in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Riken Keiki Company Ltd is a recognised corporate giant with expertise technology in manufacturing gas detection and environmental detection products. The company's main products consist of fixed multi-gas detection; portable complex gas detectors and personal gas monitor which are, sold in all five continents.

The products offered include, toxic gas detection via state of the art gas detection equipment. These are vital in detecting and preventing i, accidents resulting from low oxygen levels, gas explosions, radiation and harmful natural i gases. Riken Products can be used as toxic gas detectors in oil refineries and petrochemical and chemical facilities, gas detectors for preventing accidents resulting from oxygen deficiency in safety confirmation in areas such as sewage disposal plants, garbage processing plants, and manhole work, prevention of gas accidents during underground work such as tunnel work or sealed construction, work safety in areas such as paper-making, pulp and paper mills, and steelworks. They can also be used in prevention of explosions resulting from gas cleaning in areas such as and petrochemical and chemical facilities, prevention of explosions at LNG and LPG gas reception bases and tankers, prevention of explosions of drying furnaces in areas such as printing and tape factories, environmental management in semiconductor manufacturing plants and prevention of the generation of dioxins; automobile exhaust gas measurement Formaldehyde measurement, fume level measurement, environmental atmospheric monitors (S02, NOX, CO, etc.), salinity measurement in freshly-mixed concrete, surface analyses of electronics, etc.

Armed with this latest portfolio of products, Suren Cooke Agencies can yet again fulfil their commitment towards adhering to occupational health and safety standards while staying true to their beliefs of making the community a safer place to live in.

Suren Cooke Agencies offers a wide array of services to control harmful pests in any environment using safe, environmentally friendly and distinctive methods. With operations in Sri Lanka and Maldives, these services and solutions are provided to clients of various industries.

Since its inception in 1985, Suren Cooke Agencies has been in the forefront of helping the community with effective pest management while importing and supplying pesticides and equipment, which has made them a trusted company to represent glob-ally renowned brands such as Riken Keiki.