Suren Cooke Agencies introduces Sure Green Eradicator to fight bed bugs

January 21, 2017
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September 20, 2016
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April 8, 2017

Suren Cooke Agencies, a, pioneer in the pest management industry and renowned for utilizing the latest and most innovative pest control solutions, has introduced the Sure Green Eradicator, based on steam superheated at 180C to eliminate bed bugs, instantly.

Tests conducted have demonstrated its unique effectiveness and lower environmental impact, in comparison to fumigants, which are potentially harmful to humans.

Furthermore, conventional insecticides require complete evacuation of the premises, whereas Sure Green Eradicator can be used even in the presence of people.

Sure Green Eradicator is the most obvious solution when you have a bed bug infestation at your home, hotel or factory and is the ideal solution for remediation of bed bugs.

Suren Cooke Agencies is a renowned organisation established as a pioneer in the pest management , industry, with over three decades of trusted service and effectively equipped to provide the best pest control services to their customers.

Suren Cooke Agencies offers a wide array of services to control harmful pests in any environment. Its service portfolio manages pest effectively to improve the quality of life, using safe and distinctive methods without unapt harm to the environment or society.

Operating in Sri Lanka as well as enjoying an international presence in the Maldives, Suren Cooke Agencies is renowned as a source of reliance due to continuous commitment in adhering to occupational health and safety standards.

The company is also distinguished in the industry for representing globally renowned manufactures of chemicals and equipment.

Bed bugs are normally active at night and cause red snots on the body which are often mistaken for mosquitoes or other insect bites. Bed bugs like to nest in crevices and hollows in beds and sofas, clothing and upholstery, in the immediate vicinity of a host they can feed on.

They are extremely troublesome and are very difficult to eradicate, once a serious infestation sets in. Eliminating them completely requires a destruction of the adult insect, larval stages and the eggs.