Scientific Name: Grillidae


Crickets are a species of leaping insects. They are well identified because of the famous chirping of male crickets. They are usually 3mm to 5mm in length. There are about 2400 species of crickets available. The structure of a cricket consists of two sections of abdomen, thin antennae and hind legs. They also possess two pairs of wings from which the hind pair helps them to fly. The crickets are often misidentified with grasshoppers because they possess a similar body structure.

In addition, the ideal habitat of a cricket is underneath a natural shelter in a meadow or in pastures. Thus, the crickets live mostly under rocks or fallen branches of trees. When they select a habitat, they seem to consider locations with access to food and as a result, they find vegetation fields very attractive. Crickets feed on decaying plants, fungi, seedlings and weed.

Best of all, the most interesting fact about crickets is that they are not harmful creatures for humans. However, some people might find the chirping of male crickets a bit disturbing while nature lovers may love it.

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