Scientific Name: Nematocera


Gnats are a species of small flies that bite and trouble human beings. There is a wide range of tiny flies that are called Gnats. Common house mosquitoes, Fungus gnats, midges, maggots and black flies are to name some common Gnats. Usually male Gnats are always in large swarms and they are seen particularly in dusk. Many feed on plants but there are few who Gnats that feed on human blood. Moreover, the life span of Gnats is relatively short in comparison with other insects.

Gnats are one of the most common species of insects in nature and they are found close to man-made aquatic habitats. Thus, Gnats breed in natural lakes, sewage oxidation, settling ponds and in rivers or water paths that move slowly. The main sign of Gnat infestation is the sight of adult Gnats flying about in the air. The need to control Gnats has arisen due to their contribution in spreading diseases.

Thereby, Fungus gnats can be controlled by identifying any plants with wet soil and letting it dry before the next watering session. Fly swatters and electric fly exploders can also be used to control gnats. However, it is necessary to identify the food source that Gnats feed on and relocate or correct its location if possible to avoid infestation of Gnats.

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