Scientific Name: Lepisma saccharina


Silverfish is a flat, slender and wingless species of insects. They usually have three tail bristles and silvery scales. They are also known as nocturnal and quick-moving insects. They are found in 13mm -30mm in length. Their name is derived from their colour and their fish-like appearance. They inhabit in moist areas and they require relative humidity conditions between 75% -95%. However, they are capable of thriving in any environment.

They can be usually found in attics, basements, underneath bathtubs, nearby the shower area and under the sink in the kitchen. They are specifically attracted to paper and damp clothing. They feed on dead insects, cotton, linen, silk and sometimes leatherwear. Silverfish are considered household pests as they destruct and consume property. However, even though they cause damage to property, they do not transmit diseases.

Silverfish should be controlled by destroying treating the adult silverfish and their areas of harborage.

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