Scientific Name: Araneae


Spiders are a species of insects that have eight legs, two body regions and fangs to inject venom. There are an immense variety of spiders that have been identified around the world. Spiders usually have three or four pairs of eyes. They do not have chewing mouthparts and they use their saliva to break their prey and consume it. All spider species are predatory insects except one species that feed on plants.

Some spiders like to find habitation in moist and dark locations such as basements, crawl spaces or moist areas in any property. There are few species that prefer dry and warm areas like attics and corners of rooms. Spiders live in webs woven by silks produced by them. The webs take different shapes and sizes according to their species.

Even though many fear spiders, only few species are dangerous to humans. Spiders would only bite humans in self-defense. A spider bite is similar to a mosquito bite or a bee sting. However, there have been few severe spider bites that have resulted in death. Therefore, it is safe to live in an environment free from spiders and spider webs.

Spiders can be controlled by maintaining a clean and clear environment so that they do not form habitats close to the property. On the other hand, a spider repellent or professional pest controlling methods can be used to create an environment free of spiders.

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