Scientific Name: Hymenoptetra


Wasp is not a bee or an ant. There are over 100,000 species and most species are parasitic while some species are predatory. There are two major categories of wasps such as solitary wasps and social wasps. Wasps have two pairs of wings and stinger to distinguish themselves from other insects. They are in range of colours from black to metallic green and blue. They vary from microscopic to various centimeters in size.

Many wasps feed on nectar and on other insects. They also assist in the management of other pests species. Some wasps can be aggressive and may sting potential enemies if threatened. They can be capable of stinging multiple times unlike other stinging insects. Wasp infestation is evident if there is a close by nest or worker wasps about.

Control of wasps can be carried out in various methods such as traps, modification of light, insecticidal controlling or physical removal. However, it is essential to consider the significance of wasps to the ecological system.

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