Suren Cooke Agencies introduce “Termite Detection Camera”

June 27, 2010
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Suren Cooke’s SureCAM detects termite infestation on the 9th Floor of a Building complex…
December 18, 2011

During their service to the nation for 25 years, Suren Cooke Agencies have introduced many " Firsts " in Sri Lanka, of which the "Termite Detection Camera", is the latest.

Many households and business premises were spared from damage and destructions, due to the timely detection of termites with this camera.

The camera was able to avert tragedy by showing status of infestation within buildings and also brought relief to many who lived with the doubt of termite infestation in their precious homes, who had no way of ruling out the presence of termites, with certainty.

This innovative piece of equipment provides clear images of termite colonies and their activities. This unit accurately rules out termite infestation and avoid treatment expenses, or in an infested building, detects the exact extent of infestation and localizes the treatment.

The detection unit combined with bait stations, eliminates drilling valuable flooring, thereby protecting property and preventing unnecessary expenditure, which has proven to be of immense benefit to customers.