Suren Cooke’s SureCAM detects termite infestation on the 9th Floor of a Building complex…

December 18, 2011
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June 27, 2010
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March 12, 2013

Expanding their True Green Concept

By Gayani Perera

During their service to the nation for 25 years, Suren Cooke Agencies have introduced many " Firsts " in Sri Lanka, of which the "Termite Detection Camera", is the latest.

Suren Cooke Agencies is an organization that has established itself in the industry as the ultimate Professional in pest management. The company caters to every segment of Society ranging from the smallest home to that of the largest organization that requires their services and boasts of a personalised service to its clients. The company today is on a mission to carry forward the True Green Concept and has successfully taken great strides with their ever popular SureCAM, Termite Detection Camera.

"Our success has been our credibility, which is the lifeline of our business operations." What others promise, we deliver. Over the years we have introduced a range of highly successful products to the market. These include the Truck mounted Thermal Fogging machines which are not the normal type of fogging machines that you see in the market, these machines are vehicle mounted and have the ability to cover a vast area. We are also accredited fumigators by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AG'S) where all our fumigation services are done according to the set international guidelines. We are also members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and the National Pest Management Association USA (NPMA). Our key strength has always been our ability to stay ahead of our competition. Due to this reason we are an organization that is continuously innovating new products to meet the requirements of our customers", says Mr. Sheran Cooke, Director of Suren Cooke Agencies.

SureCAM is the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka's Termite Detection Industry. This device accurately locates termites which cannot be detected visibly. Termite infestations that are visible to the naked eye have already done a vast amount of damage, however through this unique detection camera, termite infestation hotspots which are NOT visible to the naked eye, that have taken place in walls, woodwork and other types of flooring can be immediately detected. Once the termite infestation is identified a method referred to as Termite Bating is used to extinguish termites.

Sure Green Termite eradication is a safe nontoxic organic method which does not require hazardous drilling of floors or other surfaces in order to inject the required insecticides. This novel method of Sure-Green can be fitted to any surface where termite colonies consume the product and thereafter eliminate themselves.

"This method of termite control is highly successful for those who have expensive floorings such as Granite, Tiles or Timber, and do not wish to ruin such surfaces with unwanted drilling. Also people can show allergic reactions to the injecting of insecticides, so there-fore these types of techniques can have adverse reactions to one's health, which is why our Termite Bating method is not only effective but is also a safe and much more reliable alternative", further stated Mr. Cooke.

Another effective termite eradication solution is the Termite Bait Monitor, which is competitively priced and a On It Yourself (DIY) solution. The Termite Bait Monitor which is a Sure Green In ground Station can be buried in the garden where termites are then trapped into this device before they are able to enter one's homes.