Healthier Spaces with Electrostatic Technology

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August 15, 2019
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December 14, 2020

Healthier Spaces with Electrostatic Technology

Healthier Spaces with Electrostatic Technology

Health and hygiene takes a significant place in the frontline, now more than ever, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, Covid-19. Inadequate cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces are a widespread issue which have devastating impacts on people's lives, financial sustainability, reputations of facilities, and a nation's economy. Whilst the world is changing its norms and thoughts of school systems and how better to establish clean environments and hygienic standards, the use of technology on disinfection solutions have become a breakthrough.

Electrostatic technology has been around for decades in the agricultural and automotive industries, successfully providing an efficient and cost-friendly solution in the application of chemicals and paint. Integrating this technology for disinfecting has proven to be revolutionary. It has proven to control and eliminate the mobility of dangerous pathogens, particularly in the current circumstances of a global pandemic outbreak.

More importantly, electrostatic technology serves as a large-scale solution for disinfection such as, but not limited to, kindergartens, schools and universities, medical and healthcare facilities, public restrooms and waiting lounges, cafeterias and commercial kitchens, equipment rooms, R&D facilities, corporate and industrial spaces, houses of worship and many more.

As technical as it may sound, Electrostatic Disinfection is the most effective and efficient means to cover a large surface in the shortest possible time. The electrostatic spray is a specialized solution that contains positively charged particles that aggressively sticks to and coats all types of target surfaces for a complete disinfection. The positively charged particles when passed through the sprayer nozzle as a disinfectant mist, will repel one another, yet magnetically attract and wrap around the target surfaces or objects.

The benefits are multi-fold. These are some of the important contributions from an electrostatic disinfection for a clean and hygienic environment:

  • The application is touchless, therefore the risk of cross-contamination is non-existent, whereas traditional wipes-and-spray can potentially transfer (microbes) from surface to surface.
  • Improves infection control process and eliminates infectious viral particles, bacteria and fungi from every surface.
  • 360-degree coverage as the nature of the mist allows to evenly coat and envelope the target object or surface, even if the mist if only sprayed from one side.
  • Lowers the risks of overuse as the process of disinfection is more controlled and efficient.
  • Versatile solution for germ and contaminant ridden areas - the nooks and crannies, hard to reach spaces and awkwardly shaped objects.
  • Disinfects more square feet in less time prevents costly financial burdens on infection control solutions and measures. The technology brings about a massive financial saving.
  • Research and numerous studies support and state that the application is 8 times more effective, reduce cleaning times by 40% and covers 3 times that of a traditional bottle of spray.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the world to update our way of living and thinking. Change is inevitable and keeping up to date with and evolving environment is key. Electrostatic technology is the way forward.